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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oldies but goodies

Paisley's Development XV played Bishopton today at Holmpark, and with few exceptions, the old farts stole the show. Seve, Fraz, Spud, Tony, scarred hoary old veterans, putting bodies on the line (OK it's a bit dramatic, but you get the gist) and paying the price for it. On the other side, Kevin Mason (elderly Munsterman), Eric Pirie (52, would you Adam and Eve it?) and others too numerous to mention (actually I don't know their names) played their part in making the game a joy to watch.

Of course, some of the younger contingent made a difference. Brian (quick), Marcus (quicker) and Gordy (shit off a shovel) caused some damage to a slightly (guffaw) older Bishy defence, but I believe they employed tripwires to good effect. Youngest guy on the pitch, Gav, managed to mess with the heads of several of the home older, wiser (guffaw) Bishy players. Having almost managed to get Eric's blood pressure up enough to throw a punch at him, he turned, grinned and winked at his Dad, who seemed relatively pleased. If I may be serious for a moment though, I'd appreciate it if Paisley would desist throwing hospital passes to Tank just as the opposition pack arrives on his doorstep. Tank would likely appreciate it too. He is, after all, around five stone dripping wet. By the way, he had a very good game too today.

The score? Oh, I'm so glad you asked. We lost 7-5, but one of the Bishopton players, who shall remain nameless (Kevin Mason), admitted that we were the better side and should have won. I'll settle for that.

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