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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Blue Tie Thinking

So Philip Davies, MP thinks disabled people should work below minimum wage to encourage employers to take them on, arguing that an employer won't take on a disabled person when they can get an equally qualified able-bodied one. How this for a quote? "People with a learning disability can't be as productive in their work as somebody who hasn't got a disability" Now that's an interesting statement from someone with a degree in History and Politics. I'd be interested to know where he got this gem of information from. His arse may be a good place to look, since this guy's head appears to be firmly lodged between his nether cheeks.

His early career was meteoric. He rose from cashier to Customer Relations Project Manager (he handed out those big round badges) in only 6 years, so you could already see that he was destined for great things. He didn't have long to wait. In 2001, he contested the Colne Valley constituency, where he bombed. Undeterred, and with contributions from Lord Ashcroft's dodgy front company BCS, he managed to unseat Chris Leslie in Shipley and he never looked back. He couldn't you see, because of where his head is stuck.

Anyhoo, since the Great Victory, Our Phil has managed to keep his name in the papers with a series of well-timed and obviously well-thought-out outpourings of wisdom. 

Foe example, when a Muslim group was wrongly accused of an act of vandalism, Davies was quoted in the Sun (yes, the Sun, honest) thus, "If there's anybody who should fuck off, it's the Muslims who do this sort of thing." The Sun later apologised for yet another monumental cock-up, but Big Phil stood his ground.

He's also urged all Muslims in the country to fly the Union Flag on mosques to show their unity and commitment to Britain.

Last year he tried to stop the UK Youth Parliament staging a debate in the House of Commons on the basis that it would set a precedent, allowing organisations like the Muslim Council of Britain to use the House. I've got news from him there, The precedent's already been set. Fanatical kooks are already using it. See what I did there, Phil?

Look, I could go on all day about Davies, but suffice it to say that John Bercow, Conservative MP and present House Speaker called him a troglodyte. He's made an arse of himself on about every issue of equality you can think of. Now he wants to make the disabled into second-class citizens. I don't think he's going to get his way, but it should be noted that moronic cavemen like this are being elected to Parliament. People of Shipley, at the next election, please return this MP to where he really belongs. Standing at the door of ASDA, having to smile at people of all colours and say, "How may I help you?" That's gotta hurt.


  1. Excellent words, wish I had thought of that. Witty but with a twist in the tale.

  2. I totally agree with what Mr. Davies is saying.

    I'm 49 years old, have Asperger's syndrome and have never had a job.

    I need to be able to offer an employer something so that he will at least just consider giving me a job; and I reckon that his being able to pay me less than statutory minimum wage might just do it.

    I doubt I would be any worse off than actually being paid a proper wage because of the complex interactions between the various benefits I receive and the amount of money I have to pay to social services for my care. In effect a wages subsidy would be in operation.

    I desperately want to work, and need to work, so that I can fully contribute to, and participate in, society; and strive to become the best person I'm capable of becoming - and the minimum wage legislation is hindering me in my search for employment.

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  4. Mr Firth, I absolutely understand what you're feeling. My wife is disabled too. However, I just don't buy Davies' message for more than one reason. Firstly, as I said in my blog, I just don't believe that around £25 per week is going to persuade an employer who is biased against the disabled (and anyone who is in any way prepared to use disablement as a criterion in making an employment decision is biased) to change his mind. Employing anyone is an expensive business and I don't think that's enough to tip the balance.

    Next, if you have as much to offer as any other prospective employee, then your Asperger's is irrelevant to the decision.

    Mr Davies, if you care to do the merest bit of research, is an appalling man. He is essentially opposed to any piece of legislation which attempts to offer equality to any minority. He has a track record as long as several arms in this respect, which is why he has never held any Parliamentary Party posts of any kind. Mr Bercow's description of him as a 'troglodyte' is, at best, generous. He doesn't give a toss about you or any other disabled person. He is a friend to the employer and a True Blue Tory, which places him squarely against the idea of a minimum wage. Be very careful before offering a good view of your shoulder blades to this nasty piece of work.

    Finally, it was inevitable in the wake of the introduction of the minimum wage that those who were always opposed would continue to snipe at it. The doomsayers claimed it would see the death of service industries such as cleaning and security companies, who were at times guilty of the most terrible exploitation of workers. Guess what? Businesses still needed their offices cleaned and premises guarded. All that changed was that thousands of workers were better able to feed their families. I detested the last government, but I can still recognise the good piece of work the minimum wage was.

    I am genuinely sorry that you have never been asked to contribute something to the world of work, but I can promise you that allying yourself with Davies and his ilk will not change that situation one iota. I wish you well in your continuing search for a job. In fact, if any potential employers are reading this, how about you take a chance and contact this man? You never know, he might be just what your business needs.