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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Living here

Look, I know it's pouring with rain, the wind's blowing harder than George Galloway on speed, the economy's sort of knackered, the tabloid press are in danger of having every one of us checking under our doormat every morning for paedophiles and terrorists and half the world seems to be losing its grip on reality while the other half whines about it. Pause for a moment though. Is it really such a bad world? Whenever crises hit, isn't it heartening that heroes emerge around every corner? For every person you come across who peeves you, if you really think about it, you can think of someone who amazes you. Try it.

You think I'm being naive or optimistic, don't you? I disagree. I can substantiate my claims. Scotland are just about to win their first Six Nations Grand Slam. How's that for proof of just how good life is?


  1. Would have been better if we actually won a game :)

  2. Oh the glass is always half empty with you...