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Friday, 4 February 2011

Potato, potahto?

Jonathan Davies calls them linesmen. Brian Moore calls them assistant referees. They're not line judges, umpires, back judges, swimming judges or Craig Revel Horwoods. Is it so hard to remember 'touch judge'? It's especially galling when you think both Whiner and Pitbull were professional rugby players.

On a related note, Pitbull pointed out tonight that the referee Alain Rolland penalised the welsh loosehead for not 'taking the hit'. Quite rightly Brian stated that there is  no law requiring any front row forward to 'take a hit'. Now, I'm all for accepting that the ref is the sole arbiter of law and fact, but it's hard to swallow when they make the laws up. It's a bit like a judge (you know, the legal kind, the ones who wear stockings and suspenders at the weekend) finding someone guilty of failing to but a budgie licence. You want to respect him, but what the Hell is he on about?

Now off to bed to dream of that first leg on the way to a Grand Slam...

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