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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The EDL are not racist. Honest.

I just listened to a YouTube video with a guy from Northern Ireland, on an ENGLISH Defence League march in Bradford, waffling about his wife's freedom not to wear a burkah. Oh, it was riveting stuff. "In America, they put these people in Guantanamo Bay and they interrogate them. What do we do in England?"  He's Irish, for God's sake! Obviously he does have something in common with the EDL. He's a bigoted thug. To cries of "Fookin' Pakis!" the animals do their best to intimidate both the counter protesters and the police, hurling missiles. One of them even rather comically adopts what he thinks is the classical boxer's stance, hoping to frighten off one of the other side. He fails, so his big brave mates come to his aid, all no doubt hoping to get a boot or two in once the other guy's on the ground.

Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson, leader of the august organisation so dedicated to preserving our freedoms by the Bush-esque tactic of removing them, denies any connection whatsoever between the EDL and Anders Breivik, that erstwhile Knight Templar so dedicated to democracy. Nice try Tommy, but you really need to do better. We're not buying it. Take your brand of filth and shove where the Nordic sun don't shine.

So obsessed are we with the perceived threat of Islamic terrorism, we are prepared to believe anything. White supremacists might not be carrying out attacks in similar numbers to others, but I for one was not surprised at the Norwegian attacks. A quick troll through the internet will show you that some of Europe and America's right wing extremists have been preparing just such atrocities. Just have a scan through some of the groups on Facebook and you'll see what I mean. Timothy McVeigh should have taught all of us that lesson. Be honest. When the news of the car bombing and subsequent shootings in Norway started to filter down on the news, what was your first thought? Who did you want to blame? Well, for most of us, we were probably wrong. That includes me.

If you want a glance at who's claiming to protect your freedoms, have a look for yourself.

I'll give you a couple of quotes from Breivik's 'manifesto'.

"It is highly advisable to structure any
street protest organisation after the English Defence League (EDL) model as it is the only
way to avoid paralyzing scrutiny and persecution."

"I may or may not have had contact
with at least 2 of these co-founders since the founding. Obviously, I can’t reveal any
sensitive information so the above characteristic might be what I want you to believe and
not the actual truth:-)."

To add balance, he does go on to describe the EDL in the way Robinson states, but it telling that he lists 600 members of that organisation as friends.

Here's another quote from Breivik. 

"Feb 28th: The Norwegian Intelligence Agency (PST) just released its annual report on terror
estimates in Norway. I have been waiting for this report for several weeks now. Apparently,
it’s the same expectations as usual when it comes to Islamic terror; imminent danger.
However, they then specify that the largest right wing threat in Norway is that a subsidiary
of English Defense League (EDL); Norwegian Defense League (NDL) is in the process of
gaining strength. They also state, between the lines, that both EDL and the NDL are
dangerous and violent right wing extremists that adhere to racism, fascism and Nazism."

This, in my view, is the tip of the nationalist, right wing iceberg. They're everywhere, and are every bit as nasty as the other fundamentalist groups our leaders would have us believe are the only threat to our peace and security. reader, beware.

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