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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Cameron says he wouldn't have done it if he'd known then what he knows now. Milliband says he did know then what he knows now, but that he (Milliband) didn't know then what Cameron knows now. Clegg stares into the distance. Dennis Skinner (yes he really is still alive and kicking Tories) has a bash, but Dangerous Dave is too slick for him. Still, it's good to see the old war donkey braying, just to let us know he's not quite done yet.

Meanwhile, Rupe says those he trusted let him down. "Who did you trust? " "Her", he says pointing at Sarah Brown's slumber party playmate. "So she let you down?" "Oh no, I still trust her." Clegg stares into the distance.

By the way, is your sleep disturbed by images of Rupert, Gordon, Rebekah, Elizabeth and Sarah all sprauncing around Chequers in jammies? Doesn't it just make you shudder?

As the sun sets, Rupe wisely disappears into the western sky, leaving behind promises to 'look into it'. Clegg uncrosses his legs. He swivels around. He stares into the distance. Wise? Monkey? You decide.

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