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Saturday, 28 May 2011

All Hail Terry, the Dear Leader!

Four or five years back, I found myself drawn tom the Dark Side. For all of us this means different things. For some, it's just sneaking chocolate when nobody's watching, but for me it's Terry baiting. I'm not proud of that, but when you're at a loose end, it can be a lot of fun. "Who's Terry," I hear you ask. Well, he is none other than that stalwart councillor representing Ferguslie Park up at Renfrewshire Politburo. He runs a blog and what a blog it is too! It's nothing short of hilarious, although I'm not sure Terry's aware of that. He holds forth on many subjects. No, that's not really true. He holds forth on Alex Salmond (The Spiv (his words, not mine)), The Royal Family, Cuban democracy and the Great George Galloway Protestant Conspiracy Theory.

Cuba is the most fun. Terry's claim is that Cuba is far more democratic than the USA of the UK, for example. This is on the basis that they get very high turnouts (his latest claim is 99%) at 'elections'. Now, it's irrelevant to his argument that all of Cuba's representatives are returned unopposed, or that it's a one party state, nor is it appropriate to mention the fear of not voting (you know, We Know Where You Live). No, Terry says it's a democracy and every other observer is wrong, so that's that. He steadfastly refuses to acknowledge any of these facts or to engage in any kind of debate. Instead, any dissent is branded with one of his frequent catchphrases, the current favourite being 'ad hominem'.

Trust me, El Tel is the best free entertainment you'll get when at a loose end. His megalomaniacal pronouncements are legendary among the faithful. Sadly, though, he too has a Dark Side. It is that he is a mean, and I mean mean advesary. He orchestrated a vicious campaign a few short years ago against a friend of mine, culminating in a scurrilous story in the Herald. Don't get on the wrong side of Terry. D'oh!

Anyhoo, if you want to participate or even just observe the freak show that is Terry's blog, you can find it at


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