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Sunday, 1 May 2011

A hammering, another hammering and getting hammered.

Wow, what a day yesterday was. The weather was stunning, the rugby more so. First of all, the Under 18s gave my Development XV what is colloquially known in these parts as a pumpin'. They ran us ragged, with even their loosehead prop outgunning our backs from about 35 yards out.It was an awesome display by a side which obviously had no trouble motivating itself. The future's bright, the future's Paisley.

On to the main event. On the back of a very hard season, it's impressive to watch a team lift itself to new heights the way Paisley did yesterday. I don't think it's any exaggeration to say Moffat were blown away.It's been a ,long time since Paisley scored eight tries in one game. It was a joy to watch Big Stef Lach scoring two tries (unfortunately he picked up a yellow card for 'vigorous rucking' with 9 minutes 50 seconds to go, so the hat trick was not to be), Ryan McCready scoring three, and heartwarming to see the old fart GTW Newlands top his swan song with a try too.

Of course, the post-match shenanigans were of the usual standard. I think. I'm reliably informed that Gav Newlands' retirement celebration were moved to a local hostelry, where matters came to an interesting conclusion. Read next week's News of the World.

So, where does that leave us in terms of the league? Well, as Grant Murney, veteran scrum half and Zen Master said so eloquently after the game, "We've finished our games at the top of the league, and that's all we can do." The permutations are a little (I stress the word 'little') clearer. If McLaren beat the polis with a bonus point, they lift the title. If they win while scoring less than four tries, but win by a margin of sixteen or more points, they still win the league. If they win by fifteen points exactly, both teams are even on points and on points difference. In that case, the aggregate of both scores between the teams comes into play, and I'm delighted to announce Paisley have that one by 35-21. If they win by less than fifteen, again Paisley get it. McLaren have to work to win it. This week, please, make a point of hugging your local bobby. Tell him you're backing him. Make him feel good about himself. Just make sure the bugger shows up on Saturday with some adrenalin.

Whatever way it works out, I still think the world of a bunch of guys who've stuck together through thick and downright skinny. Pre-season starts soon. Be part of it. Play, lend your organisational skills or just prop up the bar, but be there. You really will be missing something if you don't. Message me and I'll give you any details you want, or visit here. See you there next season.

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