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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dan's the Man

On the back of some good news for our rugby club, to wit we have agreed sponsorship from the Piazza shopping centre in Paisley, enabling us to purchase new strips for the two senior teams, our ingenious prop (bet you never thought you'd hear those two words in the same sentence) Dan Witchell has had a banging idea. He suggested that, as part of our commitment to the community, we should consider wearing the badge of a local charity on our sleeves, perhaps forming a relationship with said charity and helping to raise funds for them. It's a great idea, but I forecast we'll have long discussions as to which charity we select. Now then, that's where you might be able to help. I'd like to hear from you with your suggestions,and to encourage you, if you should nominate the chosen charity, I will award you with a big mention on this very popular blog. What? Cheap? Me? You know this is Paisley, right? People here put double glazing in so the kids can't hear the ice-cream van.
By the way, our Mr. Witchell, as well as being a genius, is also something of an artist. You might want to get yourself down to the Paisley Centre and visit the Sunshine Gallery, where you'll find some of Dan's work. On the other hand, try clicking on to see some of his work.

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