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Monday, 2 May 2011

On the bandwagon

Oh well, everyone's talking about it, so I might as well jump in. Osama's dead and buried, after a fashion. The manner of his passing isn't really a cause for jubilation, in my opinion, but it was almost inevitable that he would die violently. It also has to be said that he chose and accepted that path. I personally wish it hadn't happened. I wish none of the nightmare that is the West's relationship with the Middle East and the wider world of Islam had happened, but it did. When the planes hit those towers, the die was cast, especially given the moronic stance taken by the Neocons who ran the President at the time. These dangerous fools still believe that might is the only thing  and no matter how often large powerful nations get their arses handed to them by simple tribesmen or South East Asian villagers, they will never believe otherwise. All that being said, the Al Qaeda faction weren't exactly peacemakers, and they certainly didn't shy away from interference in any nation they considered a target.

Al Qaeda's main function was originally to train fighters to foment rebellion in their own nations, to enable the formation of more and more Islamic republics. Of course, the idea of the peoples of those countries having any say in whether that happened was anathema to bin Laden and his minions. So, don't get fired with the idea that bin Laden was a 'good Muslim'. He was an appalling Muslim who simply ignored the basic tenets of the Qu'uran, brushing aside any of Allah's commandments which contradicted his world view. In this respect, he wasn't so different to Bush and his puppet masters.

On the whole, from where I'm standing, the alternative to killing bin Laden was terrifying. Capture would have led to many years of court appearances, constant TV footage giving the man a platform to continue to preach his hateful message and the prospect of Americans being taken hostage in an attempt to have him freed. There will probably be repercussions, but how much more frightening can they be than the idea that they were probably planning their next big coup anyway? Happy isn't the right word, but I didn't lose any sleep over the death of a mass murderer who hijacked his own faith to justify his political aspirations. Sounds kind of like Cheney and Bush eh?

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