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Monday, 18 April 2011

Confused of Linwood.

I just listened to that old -fashioned New Labour bully boy, Dr.(honest to God, I'm not making it up) John Reid holding forth on democracy and the effect that AV might have on it. It appears he's arguing that, if the public want a coalition, or a hung Parliament, then under AV they might actually vote for that, might even get it. Now, says Dr. Reid, that would be a Bad Thing for democracy. Or was it democracy that was the bad thing? Jeez, I'm glad he was there to explain democracy to me.

I'm hoping he starts appearing more regularly on our screens again. I've missed him since he went into semi-retirement and took up making the SFA look stupid (or shooting fish in a barrel, as it's otherwise known). I can't wait for him to explain The Law to us, and why, when his job as Home Secretary was to uphold same, he considered it so beneath him. It must have been another Bad Thing that only politicians of the bold doctor's level of  towering intellect understand. We need you Dr. Reid. We don't know what to think. Please tell us.

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