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Friday, 1 April 2011

How to be Guardians of the World's Morals, or Coalition in a Fankle.

Well, what to do, what to do? That maniac Qaddafi, with whom we of course had nothing to do (right, Mr Blair?) is slaughtering his own people. Someone very close to me would probably say, "No shit, Sherlock.". I mean, this is news, isn't it?

So what do we, the world's policeman (well, the world's policeman's poodle), do about it? Do we get involved on the ground, which is illegal, or do we attack the maniac's ground troops and air force, which apparently isn't. Can we target Qaddafi himself? It seems so, at least according to HMG. Mind you, everyone else with a passing knowledge of international law thinks otherwise, but what do they know? It's just a pity that the Americans handed Saddam over to his own people for one of those troublesome affairs. What's the word I'm thinking of? Oh yes, trial. They should have just stuck a grenade down the hole. At least that would have confirmed what most of us already know-that we are no different to them.

If this appears to be a bit of a cynical ramble, that's because it's born of utter cynicism. Why would anyone over the age of ten believe that we give a toss about the people of Libya, the cause of freedom, democracy, yadda yadda. I'm sure you could forgive the citizens of Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe etc. for taking all of our leaders' talk with a pinch of salt.

We ramble about freedom but only try to enforce it where we stand to gain financially, and then only with carefully selected puppet governments.. We talk about the rule of international law when we ignore it totally. We ramble about democracy when we don't practise it. We press China for reforms while we sell our souls to them. Is it possible that there is one politician out there who actually believes the horse doody he/ she is feeding us? Sadly, the answer is probably no, there are hundreds of them. They believe what they're telling us. They have spent so long hiding from reality that it no longer exists for them. Think about that when you vote at the next election.

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