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Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Family Double

My wife posted earlier today in 'Maudlin Thursday'. In this blog, she discusses the Moronic Man who took it upon himself to try to rearrange the homes of Neil Lennon, Paul McBride, QC and Trish Godman, former MSP, by sending a cheery wee Easter card with some explosives as a wee mindin'. Now, I'm not going to repost the whole of her blog, because it's well worth your time following the link below to read it in its entirety.

However, when she shared with her Facebook pals, a friend of ours replied with a couple of thoughts I am prepared to plagiarise. Here's the text of his message:

"Collective Cultural Blame... thats the nail in the coffin of its just one crazy guy argument. You cannot use that argument when that person has grown out of a culture that has promoted fear and loathing of another group, it is the responsibility of the whole culture that maintains this climate that is to blame. they should as you say, be forced to foot the ENTIRE bill for policing Glasgow on match days. They should be told straight, control your fans and end this or we will end you by bankrupting BOTH clubs... I had the kids in the park yesterday, but we had to leave early because all the old firm idiots showed up, getting hammered in prep for causing trouble that night... In this case though, I think it demonstrably has very little to do with the respective religions, simply look at the people causing the trouble. The more time a person spends in church actually practicing their religion the less likely they are to be involved in the violence. I can almost guarantee the 'protestant' that sent the bombs will not be a regular churchgoer. In fact I bet he would be hard pushed to actually describe what a protestant is beyond 'not an Irish catholic'"

Zane Grey, I'm buying you a pint next time I see you. I couldn't have put it better myself, which is why I didn't try. As you know, I like to be verbose and think I'm terribly literate, but for once, you outdid me. Thank you.

As an afterthought, I note the police appear to be closing in on the eejit, somewhere in the vicinity of Kilwinning. Now, why doesn't that surprise me? Jaysus, now I can't visit my relatives in Kilwinning.

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