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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Funny title, eh? You're probably wondering what I'm on about. Well, in all honesty, I Googled "Be the best you can be". I'd heard the phrase somewhere and I was looking to come up with a smartarse quote. Instead, I found the above website and thought, "What the Hell, go with it." Still sounds like uncoordinated rambling? Allow me to elucidate.

Today I watched Paisley RFC's 1st XV be all they could be. In order to give themselves the best chance of winning their league, they were faced with beating Clydesdale today, in the process securing a bonus point by scoring four tries, and repeating the feat next week against Moffat. Well, phase 1 is complete, despite Clydesdale getting the opening try within three or four minutes. Paisley showed barrowloads of character in getting tow tries in each half, the second two scored by substitutes. Cue much merriment, and, I suspect the ladies of Paisley being wooed by a very happy bunch of revellers tonight.

Now, this bunch of lads ( I use the word 'lads loosely in some cases) have allowed me to live vicariously through them for far too long, but with their permission I will continue to do so. While I was happy playing the game, I was never dedicated enough to play to the level that these guys do. I never had that inner strength which appears to fire them. They're a disparate bunch, each with his own unique character, and each with the ability to recognise two things; that there is life outside of rugby, and that rugby is everything.

So, Ben, Seve, Chinz, Billy, Stef, Judge, Kev, Al B, Ted, Euan, Powrie, Joel, Simon, Dani, Ryan, Scott, ASBO, Muz, Marky and all the others, is it OK if I hang around a bit yet? I kind of like bragging about being involved with you lot.

On another note, I have some personal thanks to offer to Stef and Dani, two-thirds of our South African contingent. Some time ago, they'd extolled the virtues of Saffie food, including Kudu, Boerewors and Biltong. Well, I'd already tried the first two (delicious, by the way) and found some Biltong in Morrison's today. I thought I'd give it a go and while watching the game started getting myself on the outside of a reasonable portion. During a lull in the proceedings, I found myself reading the back of the packet and was not amused to discover the meaning of 'Biltong'. The translation given was 'strip of buttock). Thanks for telling me guys.

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